The story told is a journey through my artistic life, not my whole life. I believe I am old enough to look back on that life somewhat objectively. In skipping personal sides of the story, I leave out a lot about my family and friends, and the wonderful life I have had pursuing a life I imagined.

My father, who I mention at the beginning, died three days before I married Barbara in 1984. At the time he was still teaching art to 10 and 11 year old children at the Upper Darby Library. My mother had died of multiple ailments in 1980. She had lived a hard life, and I know that she loved me when I needed it most...as a young child. She had set standards for me that I only grew to understand later in life. I think I ended up living a life she would have enjoyed for her self.

I have lived in a Villanova for 32 years, where Barbara and I raised and co-raised 4 children, Kyle, Wayd, Noelle and Abby. We have 7 grandchildren. Most are in the area, and we celebrate togetherness most Mondays at what we call, “Mom’s Mondays.” Barbara, who is an excellent cook, in addition to being an accomplished designer, art director and business strategist, provides the meals.

My hope for the future is that I can continue to work and provide projects that fascinate me. In addition to painting, I would love to create more films, expand the range of my reach in art, and pass from life before I become irrelevant and a burden on my family or the world.

I want to thank Morgan Baird and Marty Kob for reading and providing assistance in this draft.
If anyone has any questions, corrections or ideas to make it more complete, please email me at:



This story is dedicated to my parents, my grandmother Woerner, and my wife, Barbara, to whom I owe my life and everything important.