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A note from George Rothacker:

A am currently in the act of writing the third in the Singularity Trilogy with a timeline that extends into from 2040 to the mid-2050s. The themes are:

The progress of artificial intelligence;
The benefits and detriments of human engineering through DNA and other modifications;
The speculation of a space craft sent on a mission to extend the reach of humanity far beyond our solar system;
The value of humanity... with all of it’s flaws.

Singularity 2.0 has complete and waiting to go to print later this year. Singularity 3.0 will follow once it is complete and thoroughly edited.

Chapter 17 (shown above) is the latest chapter written (to date - May 15, 2020) You may click here view the entire .pdf, make comments, or request to be a reader and receive the entire manuscript and updates about which to make comments, proof read, or provide content edits. If you choose to do this, I will send you the entire.pdf, as well as new chapters as they progress.

Your contribution will be acknowledge in the paperback and Kindle versions of the finished novel, Singularity 3.0, as well as any future publications of the compiled Singularity Series. You may either email me, or call me, and I promise to respond. Please click to provide your full name and your request, or call 610-220-9863.